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BucketViseis a new product innovation developed out of necessity by a construction industry professional.  While observing the drywall finishers doing their jobs, it became apparent that there was  potential peril involved with mixing the joint compound in a 5 gallon bucket.  The joint compound is put in the buckets at the factory wet, but settles and stiffens in the bucket while warehoused, being shipped and just sitting around to be sold, to a consistancy that requires remixing to obtain the smooth texture required to finish drywall joints and fastener holes.  Professionals use a powermixer to stir the contents which generates a powerful torque that makes the bucket to want to spin.  This can cause spillage and possible injury to the user.  The most common way to overcome this possible situation is to hold the bucket between the knees/feet/legs in a gripping position while the user tries to manupilate the power stirrer to stir properly from that ackward position.  It has also been observed that the user stand on the edge of the bucket while stirring creating an even more dangerous situation.

Well now there is BucketVise to solve all these problems with just one tool.  This is not just a tool for professionals it's useful for the Do-It-Yourselfer as well.   You will be asking  yourself how you managed to use  a bucket without the assistance of a BucketVise.

Many more uses for BucketVise:

 - mixing all kinds of dry materials, concrete, grout, thin set, potting soil

 - use on boats to stabilize a bucket for odds and ends - bait, fish catches, tools, tackle, etc.

 - stacking and staging multiple buckets

 - no scratch on polished surfaces

 - fun to flip in-side-out repeatedly for a form of therapy and amusement.

 - many other uses are being found by our users.

If you use a 3.5 to 5 gallon plastic bucket for anything other than storage,

then you need this tool!

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